About the Roster

What is the Roster of Experts?
The Roster of Experts (RoE) is the CDKN’s web-based database of expert advisors and service providers on climate change and development issues. It contains the details of individuals and organisations with specific thematic expertise, competencies and country experience, who we will work with to deliver services to developing countries. The RoE aims to be a continually evolving and publically accessible database.

What’s in it for me?
The RoE will form the CDKN’s primary source of service providers for the research, technical assistance and knowledge management projects that we fund. We will use the RoE to invite you to tender for relevant project opportunities and to notify you of CDKN developments. Once established, we hope the RoE will also provide a community of practice and knowledge-sharing forum for members.

What types of project opportunities will there be?
The projects we support are at the interface of evidence development and policy making. We commission new policy-relevant applied research, technical support and effective knowledge sharing to:

•    Increase the integration of climate resilient and low carbon growth in policy making, planning and implementation.
•    Increase institutional capacity to leverage climate change financing.
•    Increase coordination amongst decision makers across sectors and countries to implement climate compatible development.

Projects will vary in size depending on theme and geographic focus. We also provide a Rapid Response service which will require us to place experts in projects at short notice.

Who are we looking for?
We are seeking experts across a range of climate and development themes and competencies, as listed below, who have experience in the regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as globally. We require language abilities in one or more of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi or Chinese.

Government frameworks to act on climate change
Mitigation and the low carbon economy
Carbon markets and GHG regulations
Funding and climate finance
Forestry, ecosystems and land-use
Water management
Food and agriculture
Coastal systems
Early warning systems
Health and climate change
Capacity building, mentoring and training
Strategy development and implementation
Policy design, appraisal and impact assessment
Governance and decision making
Regulatory frameworks
Financing mechanisms and investment frameworks
Programme and project management
Scenario planning
Vulnerability and risk assessment
Economic analysis
Emissions modelling
International negotiations
Stakeholder engagement
Monitoring and evaluation
Communications and knowledge sharing
Writing/editing for non-specialist audiences
Identifying recommended knowledge resources
Online content creation (blogging, tagging, writing for the web)
Photo research  

How can I register?
You can register yourself or your organisation here. We will review your application and you will be informed of your inclusion in the RoE within five weeks of your registration.
For questions, comments, or concerns contact cdknroe@lead.org.



How is the RoE managed?
The RoE is managed by the CDKN on a secure server featuring a publically accessible search page that highlights expert information (including name, themes, competencies, geographic experience, language ability, and short biography).

When can I expect to be contacted?
Your details will be assessed and you will be informed of your inclusion within five weeks of registration.

What happens once I am approved?
You will be contacted when relevant projects arise and be taken through a procurement process before project deployment.

For additional questions on the roster please contact: cdknroe@lead.org.
For more information on the CDKN, visit our homepage: www.cdknetwork.net  

Thank you and we look forward to you joining the CDKN Roster of Experts.